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Our Core Features

The Sigmaverse platform offers a range of features designed to simplify the life of a marketer. You can utilize Sigmaverse to discover suitable advertising opportunities and media spaces, benefit from the expertise of our professionals who can craft personalized campaign solutions, and conveniently monitor all your campaign activities from a single location. With the Sigmaverse dashboard, you gain access to a holistic overview of every facet of your campaign, ensuring you receive real-time updates on its progress.

Our core features

Planned Media Outreach

Leverage the extensive array of media choices within Sigmaverse to strategically devise your marketing campaigns and precisely target specific audience segments. Our platform boasts an extensive inventory of media, categorized into various types and subcategories, spanning multiple cities. This streamlines the planning process for your marketing campaigns, eliminating the need to sift through disparate inventories provided by different agencies. Utilize Sigmaverse to pinpoint the ideal "media placements for your campaigns."

Data Just A Click Away

All your existing and past campaign data will be available in your profile. You can create more campaigns any time and see the proof of execution for all campaigns at one place. There are campaign specific views available for users which shows campaign schedules & budget splits across activities & media categories. The campaign overview page displays cumulative stats about budget spends, reach, live campaigns & activities.

Data just a click away
Smart budgeting

Smart Budgeting

Develop your marketing strategy by utilizing the price estimates presented in our media inventory. Explore the dynamic pricing variations across different locations within our extensive media inventory. Additionally, you can conveniently monitor the advancement of your campaigns and keep tabs on budget utilization through your dashboard. Users also have the option to expand or replicate their campaigns based on the outcomes of previous campaigns.

Interactive Dashboard

Sigmaverse gives access to a personalized dashboard to all its users where they can manage and track the campaigns at an activity level. Get centralized access to all campaign related info through this dashboard. The campaigns are split into different segments so as to ensure eas of use. You can also update your profile information with personal & company details & manage permissions.

Interactive dashboard
Save Time

Save Time

Using the Sigmaverse platform, now marketers can create and launch a campaign at a much faster turn around time. We guarantee to respond with a quote based on your requirements, in 2 business days so that your can start your campaigns at the earliest. With all the access & controls centralized through the dashboard, we make your campaign management much more efficient

Stay Updated, Always

Receive notifications about the campaign progress and any other updates real time. This makes tracking campaigns faster and easier. You can also share the campaigns easily with your colleagues. You will be notified of important updates & events via the registered email ID as well so that you never miss a beat about your campaigns.

Stay updated, always



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